7 Secrets Of Buying

1. Get your finances in order

Before you start, consider how much you can afford.




Take into account:



  • Your savings
  • How much you can borrow
  • The extra costs of buying like stamp duty
    and settlement fees
  • Your income and outgoings – and be honest


Doing your homework before you start looking will help you to set realistic limits.

2. Get pre-approval

Getting a pre-approved mortgage will help you to be sure of the price range that fits your lifestyle. It also enables you to spend time researching and learning about the best mortgage for you, before the added pressure of an approved offer and the deadlines that it brings.

3. Start looking

Look at potential areas and research them on the web. You'll soon be able to work what you can get for your money in any given area. When you do start looking around properties, be sure to take notes, to help you remember the good and bad points of each property. They will come in very handy as all the houses start to blur together.

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